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From an early age I became fascinated with locks and keys. The thought of being able to  do something I’m passionate about and help people at the same time just stuck with me, and I’ve been on that quest ever since. I’ve done other things in my life, but I’ve always come back to locks. In the two decades that I have been a locksmith I’ve seen many other “locksmiths” take advantage of people that are in an emergency situation, and that is NOT what a locksmith should do. Locksmiths are supposed to be there to protect people, and make sure that they are secure; they are there to use non-destructive means of entry when a person is locked out, and they are there to charge a fair price. The bottom line is that a locksmith is supposed to protect you from getting robbed, not to rob you.  I honestly believe in keeping this trade alive in the true sense of what it traditionally meant to be a locksmith. I believe in restoring locks whenever possible, instead of throwing them away in order to preserve historical value. I believe in picking a lock open before destroying it so you don’t have to buy a new one. Finally, I ultimately believe, and am committed to providing the best possible customer service, skilled workmanship, and products while maintaining a fair price.

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