We Provide Fast Service For When Your Stuck Outside

When you're locked out, we strive to arrive to you as quickly as possible. We provide non-destructive means of entry, so you can be inside your home or office quickly and inexpensively.

We Can Get You Back In Your Car So You Can Get To Driving!

Are you currently experiencing a lockout because you locked your car key in the car? Call us to get back on the road!


Beware Of Discount "Locksmiths" - Don't Get Ripped Off!

There are many companies out there who call themselves "locksmiths" and advertise a $15 service call, but they simply do not have the skills nessasary to employ the trade. Be careful of those who advertise low rates. They will often purposely destroy your lock so that you're forced to buy a new one. Don't get scammed, a true locksmith will always try to gain entry via the least destructive means possible based on the situation.if you call a locksmith who shows up with a drill instead of lock picks, tell them to " get lost!"

We Can Help You Get Back In Your Safe

Whether you forgot the combination, lost the key, or if the lock failed, give us a call for a free estimate We'll have you back in in no time!

We Can Replace Missing Keys For Most Items From Desk Drawers To Antique Furniture

Whether you need a key for your desk or file cabinet at the office, a piece of antique furniture, a bike or ski rack, a boat, tractor, piggy bank, or diary, chances are we can get you that key!


In most cases, we can employ non-destructive means of entry to get you in without costing you the extra money of lock replacement.

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We Provide 24/7 Locksmith Services To All Of Westchester County NY